Yellow StreamerYellow Streamer, tied by Mark Peerenboom

Hook: Tiemco 5262 size 10

Thread: Brown

Tail: Yellow marabou

Body: Ultra Wire, Small Fl Yellow

Wing: Olive Angel Hair, white hair, yellow marabou.





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Fly pattern list from the 2006 swap.


Tracer Streamer

Tracer Streamer, tied by Tracy M Hook: 3x long streamer, 10 - 2 Thread: 6/0 white Eyes: Bead chain, metal or plastic Tail, body and wing: Dubbing blended from nylon yarn, flash materials and un-raveled holographic ribbon, cut @1.5 - 2 inches long. Tail and wing...

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RM Cricket

RM Cricket, tied by Rich Mlodzik   Hook: #14 Mustad 9671 Body: Craft Foam-Black Cut in 1/8" strip Hackle: Dry Fly-Brown Wing: Deer Hair-Black Legs: Small Rubberlegs-Black Head: Egg yarn-Orange Separate strand into 4 pieces For complete instructions see CWTU fly...

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Sulphur Emerger

Sulphur Emerger or Flymph, tied by Russ Bouck Hook: TMC 3761 sizes 14-18. Tail: Pheasant tail fibers Abdomen: Pheasant tail fibers Thorax: Sulphur colored rabbit fur dubbing Rib: Fine copper wire Hackle: Dun hackle from a hen cape Thread: 8/0  Unithread yellow For...

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No Foam Hopper

No Foam Hopper, tied by Brian Tesch Hook: Dry Fly Size 4 - 12 Thread: GSP for spinning, black for head. Tail: Red Hackle Fibers Body: Clipped spun deer hair Wing: Turkey Hackle: Brown and Grizzly Tags:   Fly pattern list from the 2006...

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March Trude

March Trude, tied by Shawn Sullivan Hook: Dry #14 Body: Antron & mink Tail: Deer hair Wing: Mink tail Notes: works great for early stones & blue quills.  Use desiccant powder to skate it on the surface or clip the hackle on the bottom for a flush float. Clip...

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Black Ghost

Black Ghost, tied by Damian Hannus Hook: Size Tail: Yellow Hackle Body Black floss ribbed with silver mylar tinse Wing: White hen hackle Cheeks: Jungle cock Tags:     Fly pattern list from the 2006...

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Andy’s Anorcsic Gnat

Andy's Anorcsic Gnat, tied by Andy Swain Body: Brown floss (untwaxed) Hackle Grizzly Met Hook: Mustad 94840R-10 dry fly, size 18 Thin body was a result of limited supplies when I first tied this fly. It was the early season years ago, I had been fishing, the Pine,...

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March Brown Soft Hackle

March Brown Soft Hackle, tied by Jerry Gorman (Swap Master) Hook: Cabelas #21  hook size #16 3X, 6/7 wraps of lead wire Tail: wood duck flank Abdomen beaver & pine squirrel under fur 50/50 Rib: fine copper wire Thorax: Hairs Mask dyed brown & dark olive...

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