West Fork of the Kickapoo River

Southwest Wis

West Fork of the Kickapoo RiverCounty: Vernon County
DeLorme Page: 41 C-4 and D-4
Wisconsin Trout Regulations Page: 18 and 22

The West Fork is a well cared for stream. It was once one of the best streams in the state and with the recent improvements it may once again be one of the state’s best streams. The West Fork Sportsman’s Club and it’s president Roger Widner, Jr. have spent a lot of money and time putting stream improvements in the stream. Dry dams and small flowages are still a problem and may lead to summer temperatures that at times exceed 70 degrees. Please DO NOT stress these fish any more than they need to be. There are many other streams in the area that run colder, including Timber Coulee.

The tiny little town of Avalanche is the usual base camp for fishing the West Fork. There are improvements in spots through out the stream and any area with improvements is under easement with the West Fork Sportsman’s Club.  If you are in doubt, ask at the General Store in Avalanche. The West Fork supports a good population of naturally reproducing fish which is supplemented with some stocking of “wild” fish.