Rush River

West Central Wis

County: St. Croix and Pierce Counties

DeLorme Page: 58 B-3 and B-4

Wisconsin Trout Regulations Page: 12 & 17

The Rush River has the characteristic of a classic fly fishing trout stream. Its deep pools, long riffles and flats give the fly fisherman plenty of choice for fishing style.  Whether you like to nymph, use a streamer or wet fly or cast up stream with a dry fly the Rush holds a place for you to fish.

The fishing on this river can be spectacular; it has some very nice hatches and good scenery that varies from limestone cliffs to pasture land.  It’s quite a popular river because it is close to the Twin Cities.   There are approximately 23 miles of trout stream.  There are a good number of access points along the river so if you find a car parked at one location try a few more before stopping.