Sulphur EmergerSulphur Emerger or Flymph, tied by Russ Bouck

Hook: TMC 3761 sizes 14-18.
Tail: Pheasant tail fibers
Abdomen: Pheasant tail fibers
Thorax: Sulphur colored rabbit fur dubbing
Rib: Fine copper wire
Hackle: Dun hackle from a hen cape
Thread: 8/0  Unithread yellow
For hacking instructions see Dave Hughes book wet flies.


Can be fished to rising trout upstream to rising trout downstream or swung down and across stream before or during the hatch.



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Fly pattern list from the 2006 swap.


Yellow Streamer

Yellow Streamer, tied by Mark Peerenboom Hook: Tiemco 5262 size 10 Thread: Brown Tail: Yellow marabou Body: Ultra Wire, Small Fl Yellow Wing: Olive Angel Hair, white hair, yellow marabou. Tags:     Fly pattern list from the 2006...

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Tracer Streamer

Tracer Streamer, tied by Tracy M Hook: 3x long streamer, 10 - 2 Thread: 6/0 white Eyes: Bead chain, metal or plastic Tail, body and wing: Dubbing blended from nylon yarn, flash materials and un-raveled holographic ribbon, cut @1.5 - 2 inches long. Tail and wing...

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RM Cricket

RM Cricket, tied by Rich Mlodzik   Hook: #14 Mustad 9671 Body: Craft Foam-Black Cut in 1/8" strip Hackle: Dry Fly-Brown Wing: Deer Hair-Black Legs: Small Rubberlegs-Black Head: Egg yarn-Orange Separate strand into 4 pieces For complete instructions see CWTU fly...

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No Foam Hopper

No Foam Hopper, tied by Brian Tesch Hook: Dry Fly Size 4 - 12 Thread: GSP for spinning, black for head. Tail: Red Hackle Fibers Body: Clipped spun deer hair Wing: Turkey Hackle: Brown and Grizzly Tags:   Fly pattern list from the 2006...

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March Trude

March Trude, tied by Shawn Sullivan Hook: Dry #14 Body: Antron & mink Tail: Deer hair Wing: Mink tail Notes: works great for early stones & blue quills.  Use desiccant powder to skate it on the surface or clip the hackle on the bottom for a flush float. Clip...

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Black Ghost

Black Ghost, tied by Damian Hannus Hook: Size Tail: Yellow Hackle Body Black floss ribbed with silver mylar tinse Wing: White hen hackle Cheeks: Jungle cock Tags:     Fly pattern list from the 2006...

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Andy’s Anorcsic Gnat

Andy's Anorcsic Gnat, tied by Andy Swain Body: Brown floss (untwaxed) Hackle Grizzly Met Hook: Mustad 94840R-10 dry fly, size 18 Thin body was a result of limited supplies when I first tied this fly. It was the early season years ago, I had been fishing, the Pine,...

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March Brown Soft Hackle

March Brown Soft Hackle, tied by Jerry Gorman (Swap Master) Hook: Cabelas #21  hook size #16 3X, 6/7 wraps of lead wire Tail: wood duck flank Abdomen beaver & pine squirrel under fur 50/50 Rib: fine copper wire Thorax: Hairs Mask dyed brown & dark olive...

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