Peshtigo River

Northern Wis

Peshtigo River Wisconsin brown trout fishingCounty: Forest and Marinette Counties
DeLorme Page: 72 C-8 and A-6, 91 D-5 and D-6, and 90 D-4
Wisconsin Trout Regulations Page: 15

The Peshtigo River has two parts to it, an upper and lower fishery which are separated by a couple of flowages. The Peshtigo is a long and treacherous river. Wade with EXTREME Care!

What the upper Peshtigo lacks in size it makes up for in danger. This stretch runs deep and swift, at least, up by Goodman and McClintock Parks. It is well fed by tributaries but it still us prone to warming, maybe due to beaver dams on the inflowing streams.

The lower river is huge and dangerous. Unfortunately, because of the water fluctuations, insects hatches and natural reproduction is rather non-existent.  To add to the danger, the lower Peshtigo is a tailwater subject to huge water level variations.  In December 2004, some 12,000 acres of land was donated and sold to the state of Wisconsin by Wisconsin Public Service Corporation