Mecan River

Central Wis

Mecan River, Central Wisconsin Trout StreamCounty: Waushara and Marquette Counties

DeLorme Page: 53 D-5 and 44 A-2

Wisconsin Trout Regulations Page: 19

The upper reaches of the Mecan River are narrower and is surrounded by more streamside brush, flowing through a woods in some places.  The DNRe has dome some improvements above Hwy 21 and there are good sulpher hatches there.  The lower stretches are slower, deeper with to sand bottoms and mucky banks. Stream side brush is less of a problem but marshy area can make navigating along the stream tricky. The lower areas of the stream have a good Hex hatch and some good caddis hatches throughout the river.

Brown trout are most like the ones to take your fly in this river. You will find a more brook trout in the upper sections of the river and I have heard that there are rainbows in the river but have never caught one.  There are a good number of access point for the angler, most of the places where the roads cross the river are good points and look for DNR parking lots on roads that parallel river.

This river holds a special place in my heart it was the river that I caught my first trout on a fly rod.   Also my Grandfather, Father and his Uncle fished the Mecan when my dad was a teenager.  For them opening weekend was a trip to the Mecan and they would sleep in the back of the station wagon and fish all weekend.  They continued to do this until the invention of the spinning rod.  Funny how my dad grew up with a fly rod and switched to a spinning rod and I grew up with a spinning rod and switch to the fly rod.