Little Wolf River

Central Wis

Little WolfCounty: Waupaca, Portage, and Marathon Counties

DeLorme Page: 65 C-6, C-7, D-7, and D-8

Wisconsin Trout Regulations Page: 19 and 20.

GPS  44.619372, -89.072256

The Little Wolf is located in the northern part of the central region. Thus it has come of the characteristics of the sand counties streams and those of the northern free stone.  The sandy sections will remind you of the other streams like the Mecan.  But some sections are pocket water that will have you thinking about the Wolf River in Langlade  County.
This blend of sand and free stone can make for an interesting day of fishing.  Reading the water here can be fun because a lot of the fishing is behind rocks, slicks in the rapids, and the head of small pools.   Then in the next section, you will find undercut banks and log jams buried in the sand.  You will find a good mix of brookies and browns, with the brookies favoring the up end of the river.  Consider taking along some high floating flies like Irrestibles and Goddard Caddis for the pocket water sections.  Maybe even some stimulators for that possible stonefly hatch.