Kinnickinnic River

West Central Wis

County: St. Croix and Pierce CountiesKinnickinnic River, Wisconsin fly fishing
DeLorme Page: 58 B-3 and B-4
Wisconsin Trout Regulations Page: 12
Most of the river is now special regulations so please read the Wisconsin trout regulations for the latest rules. The fishing on this river and be spectacular, but it’s a quite popular because it is very close to the Twin Cities.  There are approximately 10 mile of trout stream above the city of Park Falls and approximately another 10 below the last dams in Glen Park in Park Falls   Above the city, it is cold, deep, and clear. With sand and grave running in the middle of the stream and many of the banks are made of silt.

There are a good number of access points including DNR parking areas.  Much of the upper sections are owned by the DNR or is under easement.  It is classic brook trout water in the past electro shocking surveys have estimated fish numbers approaching 9000 fish per mile. Downstream from River Falls it’s more freestone like and consequently carries less fish but the chance of hooking a larger one is better. There is less access points on the lower sections so ask for the land owner permission when needed.  The Hex, Caddis and Trico hatches can be very good on this great river.