Internet Fly Fishing

I was asked by my local TU chapter to give a presentation on how to use the Internet for Fly Fishing.

Here are some of the links to some of the websites that were featured in the presentation.


My favorite local weather.

National Weather Service.

Hourly Weather Forecast Charts type in your zip code.

Best Radar.

Snow Pack. Great site for planning trip out west.  Help you plan around the runoff season and any drought areas.

Sunrise Sunset – Apps on Android Market    Want to know when it is going to be too dark out to see your fly? This application that will show the sunrise, sunset, transit, and civil twilight times for a given day. Uses the device GPS coordinates to accurately calculate the time of solar events for a day.

Moon Phase Pro – Apps on Android Market.   3D interactive display of moon phase, angle, rise/set times. Spectacular, interactive 3D simulation of the moon, right down to the shadows in the shadows in the craters and earthshine on the dark side.

Where to fish???

WDNR – Mapping Application.  Will show you all of the public lands and easements.  Most stream improvements are done on this types of land.

Google Earth.   Google Earth lets you fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps; You can explore rich geographical content, save your toured places, and share with others.   Great for finding rivers and streams.  It has enough detail to tell if you will be able to cast a fly rod.  Google Maps – Apps on Android Market

What flies???

Hatch charts. Google “Hatch Charts” and the area you want to fish.

What to Tie?  One of my favorite sites for fly patterns. Hans Weilenmann Flyties’s Page.  I had the privilege of tying with Hans when he was fishing SW Wis back in the late ‘90s.  One of the patterns he showed me, is my favorite fly to this day.