Fly Patterns for Fly Fishing Wisconsin

Fly patterns for Wisconsin don’t vary much from state to state. I’m a fan of the K.I.S.S. philosophy; that is Keep It Simple, Stupid. Remember fly tying is a simple thing, you put one thing on at a time. Learn the techniques that are the basis of all flies; most flies are simply variations on techniques. My favorite patterns are: simple to tie, durable, and impressionistic or realistic but not exact copies. Fish don’t count legs, and neither should you!

Fly tying should be fun, and it isn’t that difficult. Work on tying techniques. The fly pattern notes only have generalized instructions and tips. If you want more information, consult a book or feel free to E-mail me at info@flyfishingwis.comĀ  If you are interested in submitting your favorite Wisconsin fly, just send me the pattern and I’d be happy to include it!