Castle Rock Creek

Southwest Wis

castle rock creek

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County: Grant County
DeLorme Page: 33 D-6 and 25 A-6 (Labeled as Fennimore Fork)
Wisconsin Trout Regulations Page: 22

Known as some of the most challenging fishing in Wisconsin, this stream is extremely fertile, often showing a green color.  Much of it flows deep and slow with a lot of weed growth that supports a lot of insects and crustaceans.  The BWO hatch is legendary here; it is said that fisherman can earn their Ph. D. in BWO’s here.

Castle Rock Spring flows into the river in this area which pumps in large amounts of cold, clean water. This area gets extremely crowded but on the other hand, it supports a lot of fish and an angler doesn’t need to walk far to find fish.  Fish this area extremely slowly, often crawling into casting position is necessary.  Due to some pretty poor agriculture in the basin, this is one of the first streams to dirty and one of the last to clear up after a rain.

This stream is very fertile and besides supporting large numbers of insects, particularly BWO’s, it is also home to tons of scuds, sowbugs, and minnows.