The first “Fly Fishing Wisconsin” page was created/published in 1997 by Jason G. Freund. Then in 1998, Jason allowed it to be transferred the Fox Valley TU page when he left for his graduate studies. It remained with on the Fox Valley web page for some years. Then it was moved to its own domain to provided a better resource for the fly fisherman that cast their lines in Wisconsin.

The primary focus will be cold water species like trout and salmon, but we will have some info for fly fishing warm waters species shortly.

One of our goals is to allow users to contributions to the site, so if you have something that you think would add to the site let us know.

Contributions made by…
Don Shulka. Jerry Gorman, Bob white. Kevin Searock, Joseph Meyer, Russ Bouck. Rick Fahrenkrug, Todd Oestreich, Chris Firkus, Bob Kinderman, Steven Heuser

2017: Convert all of the pages over to WordPress
March ‘09 Updated Little Wolf Stream page.
Feb 1, 09: Night Shift
Jan 25, ‘09: Interactive trout stream map of Wis.
January ’09:  New style and look, new site layout, fly out menu bars.  Direct link to the Message Board, Gallery & Calendar. Set for display width of 1024 pixels and centered in the browser. If you can’t view the menu,
Bass Fly Swap
Fly Fishing Wisconsin Message Board Fly Swap, Winter 2008
June ‘07: FFWis Message Board Fly Swap Results from 2007
March: ‘07: Wet flies
March ‘07: A Midwinter Reflection On Flies
February ‘07: Chat room added to message board
February ‘07: “User Logged In” & “Enhanced Calendar.”
February ‘07: Cold By Bob White
February ‘07: All in a Week’s Work by Joseph Meyer
January ‘07: Improved message board system installed.
December 2006: Writers Pool: Christmas for my Family is NBD
December 2006: Writers Pool: Dame’s Rocket
December 2006: Writers Pool: A Trout Angler Goes After Tarpon
September 2006 Processing Fly Tying Materials at Home.
July 2006: Road trip: Middle Fork of the Salmon, Idaho
June 2006: Hex Nuts
June 2006: Wood Duck Hex
March 2006: Wet Fly Fishing
March 2006: Becoming the Streamer
March 2006: Updated Great Lakes Tribs
February 2006: Resources for Fly Fishing Wisconsin
February 2006: Message Board Fly Swap
January 2006: Classic Trout books
September 2005:  Message board added.
August 2005: Retooled and updated entire site. Moved web pages to its own domain.