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Kokanee Salmon

What is a Kokanee? Kokanee is the landlocked version of the sockeye salmon. Size: 15-20”, 3 to 5 pounds. Their life cycle is four years long. At the fourth year, they spawn. They fight with the same powerful ferocity as their seagoing cousins. Kokanee feeds on...

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Chattooga River

Running the border between Northeast Georgia and South Carolina, the Chattooga has some very beautiful qualities. This is because the river is on U.S. Forest Service land and is included in the Federal Wild and Scenic River System, and is protected from development to keep it free and wild.

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Where to fish?

In fly fishing, two concepts need to work together – access and conservation.

I love my “secret” dry-fly creek, but I also understand that a strong and credible future for fly fishing means more people do it.  Access is critical.


Knowing your hatches isn’t critical but it helps.



Stoneflies and more.

The more fly fishing Wisconsin.

Chattahoochee River

After spending the entire weekend at a conference in Atlanta for work, I wanted to take a few days off.  My choices were to hang out with my wife and her girlfriend visiting museums and craft stores or see what Georgia had to offer in the way of fly fishing; the...

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Updated website

You may have noticed that the website was overhauled.  Most of the 140 pages of content from the old website were moved to WordPress.    WordPress runs over 25% of the world's websites and has many features.   Some of the essential...

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Black Caddis

Commonly known as the “Black Caddis” on Wisconsin trout streams, they include the any of the following; Family: Brachycentridae, Genus: Brachycentrus, Species: lateralis, numerosus, appalachia, solomoni.

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A Trout Angler Goes After Tarpon

By Joseph Meyer

I had done most of it but not all. Armed with a fly rod and a handcrafted fly, I pursued all the finned creatures with trout being my favorite quarry. I loved trout fishing, pastoral and relaxing, the contemplative nature of it all made my heart sing. No pressure build up, a pressure relief valve this trout fishing is.

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Dame’s Rocket

By Kevin Searock

She was waiting for me there, in the shade of a tall oak beside the river. I turned off the highway into the Rod & Gun Club and let the big green truck roll to a stop by a line of whitewashed posts, at the brow of the slope leading down to the Rush River.

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All in a Week’s Work

By Joseph Meyer

Bringing in New Customers is the lifeblood of a struggling Fly Shop. Retailers count new customers as found money. We especially like the folks new to fly fishing, they need more stuff as they haven’t spent a couple of years hiding fly shop receipts from their wives.

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Night Shift

by Don Shulka

It has been said that there is something of truth to be learned from early morning along a trout stream. That may indeed be true, but I would offe

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By Bob White Whitefish Studio

It’s been so bloody hot here in Minnesota where we live, that I’ve begun to fantasize about the coming of autumn. I love the transitions between the seasons even more than the seasons…

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Middle Fork of the Salmon River, Idaho

“Frank Church -River of No Return Wilderness area.” The Middle Fork of the Salmon River originates 20 miles northwest of Stanley, Idaho, with the merging of Bear Valley and Marsh Creeks. It traverses portions of the Challis, Payette, and Salmon National Forests as it...

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Fly Box

Fly Patterns for fly fishing Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota Iowa and other Midwestern states

Fly Fishing Travel

There are many places to fly fish outside of the Midwest, here are some of the trips that we have made.

Resources for Fly Fishing the Midwest.

Weather, Entomology, Organizations and Groups.